Jim Schoenfeld

The Rangers have announced that assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld has been promoted to Senior Vice President, assistant GM and GM of the Wolf Pack.

Glen Sather said in a statement, "Jim has played a pivotal role in several areas during his tenure with the Rangers. He is a valuable member of our staff and he will continue to benefit the organization at both the NHL and AHL levels.?

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8/4/14 | 6:37PM: On the Bleeding Blueshirts podcast (MSG.com), Jim Schoenfeld explained his thoughts on how to develop players in Hartford and what he thinks is the best way.

Schoenfeld, the GM of the Wolf Pack, said "I tend to think that you want players to progress into an environment where they can enjoy some success. I think that playing is the only way to prepare a player to play. I would much rather see a fringe NHLer, a bubble guy, playing 18 to 24 minutes in Hartford in all situations to hone his skill rather than being with the big club and traveling, practicing, getting skated hard after every session. I think you learn more by doing and it's a philosophy that fortunately Glen shares with me. He sees things the same way. If a guy is going to be a player then he has to play. We want to bring players in who can play to their strengths. If you are an offensive player and you are drafted and being developed as a PP guy, it probably doesn't make much sense to? bring you to NY and play you on the 4th line in a banging role. That isn't your strength but maybe you aren't quite ready to be the PP guy yet...stay in Hartford, hone your skill and we will get you that situation. You see that all through the league where a guy gets called up and hes put on the PP because that is what he is."

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11:39AM: It's not confirmed that the Penguins have spoken to Gorton but Penguins brass has talked with people about Gorton to learn more about him. (Trib)

9:34AM: Elliotte Friedman writes that he isn't sure if the Penguins have asked for permission to speak with Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton but whether the Rangers would grant such permission could reveal some plans for the future. (CBC)

Friedman says that the belief is that the Rangers next GM will come from in-house and the three possibilities are Doug Risebrough, Jeff Gorton and Jim Schoenfeld. (CBC)

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10:36AM Larry Brooks tweets:

  • Told that there is nothing to speculation that Sather is stepping down as Rangers' GM.
  • Nothing has changed in two weeks since Sather announced intention to remain as GM during conference call with media.
9:20AMJames Murphy, of ESPN Boston, wrote on his personal website that an NHL source as well as a Rangers team source is telling him that Rangers GM Glen Sather is considering stepping down from that position and letting someone else take over the player personnel decisions.

Murphy says that Sather would retain his role as President of the organization and would appoint either Jim Schoenfeld, Assistant General Manager, Player Personnel, or Doug Risebrough, "Hockey consultant", to take over as GM.

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Even though the Devils? 2013 season is over, we can still look back at some great moments in New Jersey?s playoff history.

On May 8?

1988- Officials boycott game 4 of the Wales Conference finals between the Devils and Boston Bruins, after the NHL did not suspend New Jersey coach Jim Schoenfeld for his postgame outburst at referee Don Koharski.

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Even though the Devils? 2013 season is over, we can still look back at some great moments in New Jersey?s playoff history.

On May 6?

1972- Denis and Mireille Brodeur welcomed a baby boy, Martin, into the world. That boy would grow into the Devils' -- and arguably the NHL's -- greatest goalie of all time.

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For two seasons, 1997-98 and 1998-99, Jim Schoenfeld was the head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. One of his assistant coaches was John Tortorella.

Looking back on hiring Tortorella and his time with the Coyotes, Schoenfeld told Blueshirts United ,"When Tortorella walked into the room I knew, two minutes into the process, that he was the right guy. Same with Ben Allaire, who didn't speak much English at the time. The hardest thing as a head coach with Torts was finding enough for him to do. Torts wanted to do his job, Gordie Roberts' job and my job. Torts loves to work, he loves to dig in and get it done. You can see the success he has because of that persistence and dedication.

Now, Schoenfeld, along with Mike Sullivan are Tortorella's assistant coaches with the Rangers. Schoenfeld says that the three of them have very similar styles, "He is kind of a one-coach guy but I think that the three of us work very well. We are all strongly opinionated but we see the game the same way in most fashions. Torts wants your opinion and he wants you to fight for it. With the three of us putting our heads together we have put together a pretty good plan for our hockey team. "

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In a talk with Blueshirts United, Schoenfeld said that it is usually best t hat he watches games alone, at the top of the XL Center "If I am acting out in a particular way then I am the only one who needs to contend with it. I don't like to talk much during the game, I really like to focus on what is happening on the ice. Everyone from Glen to Torts to different scouts have all made the trek up there with me and most of them last about a period.


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