Joe Danelo

Of course the NFL would do this. No one wants to go anywhere on New Years Day. One did not have to partake in strong drink to still be groggy this morning from last night. Many, at the least, watched the ball drop before heading off to bed. Thanks to the NFL for giving Giant fans a few extra hours to get their bearings back.

The Ginats and Cowboys make for good TV ratings and they also make for good theatre. History has been made between these two teams and tonight another chapter will be added to the ongoing saga.

Tonite will be the 100th meeting between the Cowboys and the Giants. The Cowboys, who entered the NFL in 1960, have won 56 of those games thanks to the Giants mailing in most of the 60's and all of the 70's. ?More recently, the Giants have won four out of the last five vs. Dallas.

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