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Those "camp battle" posts are cropping up all over the net this time of year, as NFL teams get ready to open their training camps across the country.

The Giants have scores of new faces and just as many roster holes to fill, so this year, these posts are grabbing the fans' attention more than ever.

One situation in particular that will pique the interest of Giant fans is the battle for the FB position between John Conner (pictured), whose presence buoyed the Giants running game after he was signed last season in late September, and Henry Hynoski, who is returning from shoulder surgery.

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The Giants have lots of decisions to make this offseason, but one intriguing one is who will be the team's fullback in 2014.?NFL teams rarely carry two fullbacks these days, so the Giants will be forced to make a choice.

Will it be the well-liked Henry Hynoski, who is coming off season-ending knee and shoulder problems, or will it be the physical and more well-rounded John Conner?

From The Sports Xchange:

"John Conner proved to be a solid pickup, so much so that the team signed him to a two-year contract instead of the usual one-year rental that was the norm for players acquired mid-season.

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FB John Conner's physical style could help revive the Giants' rushing game.

The Giants signed John Conner, nee of the Jets and Bengals, to replace Henry Hynoski?(IR) on the roster. He finds himself back at MetLife, where his career started with Gang Green.

"It feels pretty good," said Conner when asked how it felt to be a Giant. "I?m just happy to get another opportunity to play. It seems like I can?t stay away from New York, but it?s a new opportunity, a new chance, so I?m looking forward to it."

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If case you've not heard, there's an interesting new website called Thuzio that allows fans the chance to bid at an online auction for unique experiences with sports personalities. ?I noticed that former Jet VP Matt Higgins is on the board, which is a good sign. ?After looking at some of the bids,?considering the experiences and number of people who could attend for the price, the prices really aren't that bad!

Here's two that I found with players who have played for the Jets:

QB Showdown: Glenn Foley vs. Scott Brunner Flag Football

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