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The New York Jets GM Mike Maccagnan is scheduled to meet with the agent for defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson at the combine in Indianapolis (ESPN, Feb. 17).

Wilkerson is entering the final year of his contract and is due to earn $6.96 million in 2015. The Jets have made it clear they'd like to lock Wilkerson into a long-term deal, and with close to $50 million in cap room, they have plenty of space to work with. Though former GM John Idzik was unable to get it done last season, as both sides failed to come close to an agreement.

The Jets have the time and resources to do the right thing in locking up the team's best player to a long-term deal this year. ?We would like to see?the Jets settle any contract talks?with the face of the franchise before the start of training camp, if not the start of free agency.

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The Jets are expected to fire general manager John Idzik after Sunday's season finale game against the Dolphins (Cimini, Dec. 26).

This will be the second time in three years the Jets will be in the market for a new general manager.

Unlike when Idzik was hired two years ago, it is assumed the new general manager will be able to hire his own coach as well.

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The Daily News Live panel discusses whether Rex Ryan and John Idzik are on the same page following the Jets' 16-13 loss to the Dolphins Monday at MetLife Stadium.


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Jeane Coakley interviews Jets GM John Idzik, discussing the team's disappointing start and whether the Jets still need a QB.

During the interview, Idzik was asked about the future of Geno Smith and the Jets, and said:

That's still to be determined. You don't want to try to answer that question too prematurely, especially when you're dealing with a younger quarterback in Geno. When you're dealing with a younger quarterback, or at any position, but specifically at quarterback, there are going to be rough times. Very rarely do you get the plug and play player in this league, much less at the most difficult position. It's a matter of seeing them through those rough times and hoping those rough times become fewer and farther between, and the type of mistakes they make, they don't repeat those mistakes. That's what we're going through now. We will continue with the development curve and we will continue searching. We'll continue to try to enhance that position in any way we can.

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With the Giants down Victor Cruz for this season and possibly part of next, many Giant fans may be wondering this morning why their team did not try to land Seattle Seahawks KR/WR Percy Harvin when his availability became known. Instead, it was the Jets who swung the deal.

The Giants are in need of a top WR, no doubt, but there are a bunch of reasons for the Giants to pass on Harvin.

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The departures of cornerback Dmitri Patterson and wide receiver Stephen Hill were the main topics as Jets coach Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik discussed roster moves?in a?conference call with reporters Monday (Jets, Sept. 1).

Patterson was suspended for missing the Aug. 22 preseason game against the Giants before being released Saturday.

Idzik noted the strained relationship with Patterson, who called the team's assertion no one had contacted the Jets about Patterson's absence "completely false" in the media.

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Jets' GM John Idzik said that Dimitri Patterson is "suspended indefinitely."

"[Patterson] will be suspended indefinitely, and that will allow us to gather more information to what led to his behavior," Idzik said.

Idzik expects the suspension to be brief, he said.

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Will Rex's future be determined by whether the Jets can make the playoffs this season? While many (myself included) have speculated as such, Kristian Dyer of Metro New York?reports that Ryan's future is not necessarily tied to getting into the postseason.

But Metro New York has learned it isn?t ?postseason or bust? for Ryan this year if he wants to extend his stay in New York.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a team source with knowledge of the situation said Ryan ?isn?t on any hot seat? this season, despite the fact his Jets haven?t had a winning record the past three seasons let alone made the playoffs.

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We continue our salary cap Q&A with Jason Fitzgerald (read Part One from yesterday) from OverTheCap.com. ?We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. Today, overall thoughts on John Idzik and?will the Jets get that third rounder from Tampa?

TJB: Revis is getting his $16 million in Tampa and that ship is sinking quickly. ?We don't expect that Revis will be back with the Jets in 2014, but how likely is it that the Bucs would cut and then re-sign Revis to save themselves a round on the 2014 draft pick they owe the Jets?

Jason Fitzgerald (OverTheCap.com):?I think the Bucs could cut Revis but it will not be to re-sign him. If they release him its them admitting he is way overpriced and isn?t bringing enough value to the team. I think it will be an interesting situation there because I can almost guarantee that by late December or early January Revis? side is going to the Tampa front office and asking them to prorate some of his salary to give him more job security. Tampa did this with two players last year, including Vincent Jackson who is repped by the same guys who represent Revis. However that was done in preparation to make a run at Revis in 2013. I?m not sure how they would take that kind of request now when their team is in shambles.

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With the Jets on the bye, we thought it would be a good time to look ahead at the Jets upcoming offseason and get an early look at what we can expect in terms of direction and plans. ?In the NFL, the salary cap drives those plans and there's no better person to talk to than Jason Fitzgerald from OverTheCap.com. ?Jason started tracking the Jets cap in 2008 and turned NYJetsCap.com into a respected portrayal of the Jets cap. ?Eventually Jason decided to cover the entire AFC East and then the entire NFL last year under the banner of Over The Cap.

We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. First up, how do we grade the 2013 offseason and how much space can the Jets expect to spend on free agents?

TJB: Since there's not much left to do when it comes to the Jets current cap year, how do you think new GM John Idzik did in navigating his first offseason?

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A trade is certainly a viable option. We will definitely look at any trade possibilities and see if it benefits the Jets. We?ll have open discussion on potential trades, and a lot of them may be our own what-if scenarios, but we?ll explore all avenues to try to better our roster, to increase the competition on our roster.?
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The Darrelle Revis situation is at once the most understandable, ridiculous and thoroughly frustrating scenario the Jets and their fans have had to go through in the past 12 months. That?s saying something.

But to understand this situation, we have to look back at 12 months? worth of poor decisions and strange fascinations that got the Jets in this spot in the first place and why the man that made those decisions could not have solved the Revis problem.

From hiring Tony Sparano as the one to take Mark Sanchez to the next level by taking the ball out of his hands (think about that) to then extending Sanchez for millions of guaranteed dollars and trading for Tim Tebow, it was a strange offseason. Made even weirder by Rex Ryan calling the talent-deficient roster possibly the best team he?s had since he came to New York (ego boost, anyone?) and proceeding to watch said team collapse in on itself, betrayed by, guess what ? a lack of talent, particularly at quarterback.

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