Kevin Love

Earlier this week, ESPN Insider projected J.R. Smith to be a top-10 shooting guard in 2013-14. Now, the site has shifted its focus onto the forwards.

Projecting the top 10 power forwards for the upcoming season, analyst Bradford Doolittle placed Carmelo Anthony in the No. 10 spot. According to Doolittle, Anthony's 11 WARP -- the first double-digit offensive efficiency total -- is combated by a poor defensive effort.

"His offensive efficiency spiked with his position shift, and his acceptance of the move," Doolitte wrote. "The downside of the tweak is Anthony's lack of defensive acumen. His defensive rebounding was fine when he was a 3, but one position over, it doesn't look too good. Anthony does, without a doubt, score a lot of points. Make of that what you will."

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Alan Hahn's Knicks Fix as has some interesting tidbits over at Newsday:

Jerryd Bayless was told by coach D'Antoni on Monday at dinner that roster "has all the tools" but an "engine" is needed to make them run.

There is still speculation that the Knicks will deal the number six pick, which is something I have heard from my sources.

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