Knick Fans

  • A backup point guard
  • A solution to trade Eddy Curry without giving up David Lee
  • A shot blocker
  • For Nate Robinson to get over screens
  • David Lee to consistently bang down jumpers
  • Al Harrington gets to the line 8-10 times per game
  • Wilson Chandler becomes what I think he can become
  • This Chris Duhon is not a mirage
  • Walsh gets defensive-minded players that fit in D'Antoni's offense
  • Get Raja Bell without giving up too much, he's the ideal backup 2 who can start in the meantime
  • A playoff series
What do you guys want?
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I have spoken with countless numbers of New York Knicks fans and scoured the comment areas on blogs to try to get a sense of where we all stand, and to me, Knicks fans can be classified into four groups right now. Over the past few seasons, many Knicks fans have abandoned ship, and rightfully so. Some bleed orange and blue, and others, well, refuse to even comment. Here are the over-generalized factions...

Group I (Bitter): These are the Knicks fans who became so furious with the remarkable job of Isiah Thomas of turning a proud franchise into the laughing stock of the league, that they have completely lost hope and cannot even bear to think about the team without going into a profanity-laden tirade. They are now New Orleans Hornet diehards.

Group II (Angry & Passionate): These fans are as equally furious with the last few seasons as the fans in Group I, yet they still watch as many games as possible. They yearn for the days of hard fouls and teams built around defense. They really just cannot wait to be a part of another NYK playoff run.

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