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I've watched the Knicks for a long time. I remember Marvin Webster. I rooted hard for Ken "the animal" Bannister who, not only was human but was an containable. I rooted for Jawann Oldham, used to house sit with a friend for Charles Oakley and played pick up games with guys like Greg Butler.  As a Knicks fan there have been good times and there have been worse times. In my lifetime there haven't been great times.

This Knicks team is very good and is proving it nightly. Then why is it that people are waiting for the bubble to burst? Why aren't people over Jeremy Lin yet? Why do I feel as if some Knicks fans, the die hards that I've been in the trenches with online here for almost a decade, aren't as excited about the Knicks start as others?

I understand the concept of being too good to be true. I can understand people holding back their "I told you so's" until Kidd gets hurt or Rasheed gets suspended for yelling at a ref or J.R. shoots them out of a game.

But here's my thing. Jason Kidd hasn't missed the playoffs since the 96-97 season. That's 15 years. Think about that? Do you think that's a coincidence? J.R. Smith seems to be leaning on Mike Woodson for mentorship. There's something about Smith that seems more focused this year so far. He's a different player.

So while some fans sit and wait for the other shoe to drop, the Knicks continue to stay focused on the task at hand, which now continues to San Antonio.

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