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Carmelo Anthony was incredible last night. He scored 62 points, breaking both the Knicks and Madison Square Garden scoring records and placing him into an exclusive class of Knicks. While the future of the Knicks remains very much in question, Anthony reminded an arena full of people what the Knicks are capable of.

For me, the incredible statistics don't end with the 62 points. There are two zeros that tell two different stories about last nights game and the Knicks in general. First, Anthony managed to record zero assists. This had less to do with Anthony and more to do with the supporting cast being absolutely futile. Anthony repeatedly reached the paint, drawing double teams and dishing to wide open shooters. On multiple occasions, Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith and Tim Hardaway Jr., bricked open shots. The fault for Anthony's zero assists is on the supporting cast, not Anthony.

The other incredible statistic is the zero turnovers that Anthony recorded on Friday night. When a player scored, 62 points, you expect certain things. Among them are a fair amount of turnovers. In Kevin Durant's 54 point performance earlier this year, he recorded 5 turnovers and Kevin Love added 4 during his 45 pointer. Anthony's zero turnovers is simply incredible. He fought through double teams, made outlet passes and dribbled a ton, without the Bobcats recording a single steal.

It has to be noted that Anthony's 62 point night comes on the first night that he will become the prominent power forward for the team. Without Andrea Bargnani, Kenyon Martin or Amare Stoudemire available, Anthony has to play most of his minutes at the 4, a position he thrived in last season. I'm looking forward to seeing the Knicks play small ball, the way they did last year and I hope that Mike Woodson continues to use this lineup once the big guys start to return.

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