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 It's a thought that we had several weeks back and it's one that I still feel very strongly about. If Kenyon Martin can give anything to the Knicks offensively, like he did in waves last night, his defensive abilities make him the perfect fit next to Melo and Tyson Chandler. And of course we know how he takes pride in protecting easy baskets.

As a team you have to love what the Knicks are doing right now. J.R. Smith, who will be a free agent at year's end, is getting to the foul line early and often. Since the game in Portland on March 14th, Smith has gotten to the stripe 49 times making 38. The guy is an inconsistent shooter but he can make shots when he's on. Great shooters, when off, warm up at the foul line.

Speaking of shooting how about Iman Shumpert? I said before the season if Shumpert can shoot above 43% from 2 and above 35% from 3 the Knicks would be an Eastern Conference Finals team. I still very much believe that. Shump made 2 more threes last night and despite playing out of position he's been making 40% of his 3s in limited shots but is still only shooting 36% from the floor. If he ever decided to get to the rim more and draw fouls it would add another incredible layer to their offense. To put it into perspective Smith has taken 16 more free throws in the last 6 games than Shumpert has taken all season.

Another thing to love? The Knicks continue to be stingy with their own turnovers. They simply don't give possessions away. They've turned the ball over just 830 times this year and while their assists aren't piling up as a team (they are dead last in total dimes)  the fact that they squeeze the most out of each possession is going to be a MAJOR factor in the playoffs.

I said it last night on twitter and I was mocked on it by tweet experts, but I believe the following to be true.

They are in a really good place right now and are primed to solidify the division title and home court advantage.

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