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What's been most impressive for me since Amar'e's return has been his willingness to get on the offensive boards. Last night he gobbled up 4 and has had 17 clean up opportunities in his last 8 games. This was a skill that Kenyon Martin thrived in while playing with Melo in Denver, getting 2.4 per game in 2009-10, in

addition to his jump shooting chances from mid range. Obviously, Amar'e has been implementing his post game as well as his ingrained pick and roll prowess well making him a pretty complete and efficient offensive player.

But it's the offensive glass that provides the most chances for Stoudemire, especially when Melo is on the floor. He's athletic and, frankly, no one boxes out anymore in the NBA. Amar'e should learn from his own deficiencies as he often forgets to but a body on a potential offensive rebounder.

He did very well last night in getting second chances that quickly became put backs, and had a huge one against Boston the other night. These are effort points that also happen because of chance. The more you work, the more you are rewarded with solid stats. It's an easy sell and one that is critical in big games.

Let's hope Stoudemire can continue to consistently work the offensive glass, there are so many chances throughout the course of any given game.


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