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Via Mike Lupica

"There were other players that day, Patrick didn't do it alone, even though we are supposed to believe now that the big guy only ever did big things alone. But he was the great Knick of his time, and this was his great moment. There he was when that Game 7 was over, towering above the moment, even on the aching knees that carried him through that game and all the others in the second half of his career.

Ewing was 31 that day. He had averaged more points in his career, but this was his best season in so many ways, 24 points a game and 11 rebounds. So he hit his number for points in Game 7, got twice the rebounds he normally got. And was one of the great Knicks of all time.

Carmelo Anthony has to be that kind of great Knick in Indianapolis Saturday night."

Big moments define players in this town and bringing the series back to MSG would add to Melo's growing legend. Melo was outstanding in Game 5 so he's absolutely capable. And his coach now has him in the best situation to succeed. If they can stick to the plan that they implemented Thursday then expect the series to come back to MSG for an even bigger moment.

Game 7.

Ewing made his mark by delivering in many a big moment. It's time for Melo to be at his best when his best is needed.

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