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The average age for the New York Knicks roster is around 28 years old.

The oldest players on the team are Pablo Prigioni, who is 36, and Kenyon Martin, 35, and Metta World Peace, 33.

The youngest players are Tim Hardaway Jr., at just 21 years old, and C.J. Leslie and Jeremy Tyler, who are both 22.

In comparison, the Nets average age is approximately 29.6.

This is a fascinating angle for the Knicks and Nets this year. Both teams are perceived as being "old" and are also looked at as two of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. The average age of these two teams will factor into the long term success but the question remains what type of impact their age will have this season. The youngest impact player on the Nets is Brook Lopez (25) while the youngest on the Knicks is Iman Shumpert (23).

It is also worth nothing that the Knicks age resides primarily on their bench while the Nets have 2 players in their starting five who are over 35 (Pierce and Garnett). The oldest player in the Knicks projected starting five is Tyson Chandler at 31.

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