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Newest Knick Andrea Bargnani sat down with Steve Serby of the NY Post and responded to some questions regarding those who have questioned his defense.
Q: What are the most unfair criticisms you hear?

A: I’m very realistic, so I know the areas where I got to get better. I know I got to be a better rebounder, and I know I **** will **** be a better rebounder next season. Criticism, that’s part of the business, part of the sport. Sometimes they’re good. I use that motivation.

Q: Can you play good defense?

A: For sure, yeah.

Q: But that’s been a criticism, that you can’t.

A: Well, what they say is I can play a very good defense on my man, but I got to be better team defender, that’s what they always tell me. One-on-one I’m a good defender, but I got to be a better team defender.

I've said this over and over. The problem with the blog heavy media is that people feel it is their civic duty to have an immediate answer for which team wins a trade or trash a team they think made a mistake. The fact is that this is a good trade as long as Bargnani can play. If he's hurt, like any deal, it's a loss. Mike Woodson is known for his ability to teach defense and it's Bargnani's job to compute and execute.

I may be in the minority here, but I'm excited by this trade and I look forward to the former number 1 overall pick to proving doubters wrong.

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