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Jim Boeheim watches a lot of Knicks' games and follows them closely, and not just because his former star Carmelo Anthony is the team's best player.

Despite the Knicks' rough start to this season, the Syracuse coach believes they will turn it around and win the Atlantic Division. He also said he "hopes" Anthony re-signs with the Knicks during free agency and believes New York is the best spot for him.

"I think they're in a division they can still come back and win," Boeheim, whose Orange are ranked No. 2 nationally, told "You know, they won 54 games in that division last year and I think they can still come back. What are they out, three games?"

Yes, despite their 7-16 record, the Knicks are only three games back of the Boston Celtics in the Atlantic.

"I think they'll win," Boeheim said. "I think they'll win the division and I think they'll get going. I think Tyson [Chandler] being out is a big factor; he anchors their defense. I think J.R. Smith's gotta get going a little bit and eventually get [Raymond] Felton back healthy and then I think they'll make a run and I think at the end of the day they'll win the division."

As of Sunday morning, only two teams in the East -- Indiana and Miami -- had a winning record, meaning those two teams figure to dominate the East.

"How well [the Knicks] can do in the playoffs, I don't know," Boeheim said. "Indiana and Miami are going to be tough to overcome."

As for Anthony, Boeheim said he hopes he re-signs with the Knicks and believes he will, as opposed to heading to the Lakers or elsewhere.

"I think he came to New York, he likes New York, he wanted to be in New York," Boeheim said. "I think that every player now is looking for the best place to win. Players aren't looking for money or security. Elite players now are looking for, 'Where can I win, where can I be in a winning championship-type team.

"That's what I think he'll end up looking for. I hope it's New York. He's a good fit for New York. He likes New York. A lot of guys aren't that comfortable."

Adam Zagoria covers the New York Knicks and Big East hoops for and He also appears as a Big East Basketball Insider on SNY and 1050 ESPN Radio. You can follow him on Twitter and read his blog.

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