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Yesterday I wrote about Carmelo Anthony and his lack of respect when it comes to getting foul calls. While it was based on a gut feeling and from simply watching games, there are facts that substantiate these claims. Team Rankings keeps track of opponent fouls, the amount of fouls committed by the other team against each team in the NBA. The numbers are revealing.

As of November 25th, 2013, the Knicks rank 27th in the league in fouls committed and 28th in fouls drawn. The Knicks commit 23.5 fouls per game while drawing just 18.2. The team drawing the most fouls this year is the Houston Rockets who draw 27.4 per game. Behind them are the Clippers and Pacers. Only the Raptors, Clippers and Nets commit more fouls per game than the Knicks. The Nets rank last with 24.5 per game.

Fouls never tell the entire story. After all, the 12-1 Spurs are tied with the Knicks, drawing 18.2 fouls per game. The difference is, while they draw among the least amount of fouls in the league, they also commit the least at just 17.7. This contrast is what the Knicks lack. They rank near worst in both committed and drawn, a recipe for disaster and a major factor in their 3-10 start.

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