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This season was going to be different, Anthony pledged, whether Amar'e Stoudemire was ever healthy enough get on the floor. Melo showed up in shape, Flab Melo no more. Mike D'Antoni andJeremy Lin were out of his hair, replaced by a coach who believed in Anthony's powers of isolation and by a point guard (Raymond Felton) who wasn't about to inspire a worldwide craze.

Lin was busy Friday night going for 21 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in another Houston victory led by James Harden (45 points), and surely that didn't change Anthony's opinion that the Rockets' purchase price of Linsanity was "ridiculous." Felton had his own measure of success against Miami, a team that famously swallowed Lin whole last winter, and his quarterbacking compelled Woodson to praise the way the ball moved "from side to side."

The Knicks did move the ball, no question. But Anthony wasn't among the movers. On muscle memory, he was the primary ball stopper. Miami will surely take that in the teams' next best-of-seven.

"For the most part," Anthony said, "the way we played tonight, the way we shared the ball, the way everybody touched the ball, everybody felt involved in the basketball game."

Ian O'Connor

Crap like this is why I started this blog in the first place. First of all, who cares about Jeremy Lin? You have a credential at MSG against the World Champs and your focusing on Houston freekin Atlanta? Enough. Lin is gone, and frankly, he's not the catch/make player the Knicks needed to improve, which they showed last night.

To talk about the heat in May is irresponsible at this point. This is a team that is brimming with confidence and just showed the World Champs the door in a game that every "expert" thought they would get blow out in. They didn't... oh no, deadline!! Page hits!!!

Secondly, Melo said those things when Amar'e was playing. Things changed. He has to score. And speaking of scorers, every scorer in the history of the NBA "stops the ball." Great scorers have go to moves to get them on rhythm. They know when they have an advantage in the possession. It's sometimes called "patience" when an analyst is being fair. When a player is missing shots it becomes "stagnant".

Buzz phrases.

Melo is not Lebron and I'm tired of reading from professionals that he has to be. Maybe they should focus on the game they are at and not another one hundreds of miles away.

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