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Jason Kidd has been easily one of the biggest additions for the Knicks this season, as his play has seemed to bring out the best in pretty much everyone, and has been a big part of why the team has one of the league's most efficient offenses. But it seems like Kidd's role has expanded on an almost nightly basis, to the point he'll soon be doing the choreography for the Knicks City Dancers and spit-balling ideas for some new menu options in the executive suites. Carmelo Anthony acknowledged that the team is leaning heavily on Kidd and the concern about that fact in a recent article in the Times:
Anthony said he realized Jason Kidd, who has taken on more responsibility for running the Knicks’ offense with Raymond Felton (fractured pinkie finger) out for last least a month, was anxious to have Anthony back on the court.

“He’s worried,” Anthony said of Kidd playing more than 30 minutes in each of the past two games. “When Jason Kidd came in, he said he would do what it took to win. He knows he has to step up now.”

We're all worried.

Playing without Ray Felton and Carmelo, Kidd admirably expanded his game, combining for 39 points, 15 assists and 12 rebounds in games against Phoenix and Sacramento last week, production that is just pretty darn incredible -- yes, I just said darn. It was weird.

But you have to be a little concerned about just how much the Knicks are leaning on Kidd given his age and mileage. Obviously, the team has little choice at the moment, given that as well as this season has gone so far, they've had remarkably little go right on the injury front. Seriously, it's kind of amazing how many dudes the Knicks have had out this year, it's the type of thing you start to notice when they're not winning pretty much every night.

Right now, the Knicks have little choice but to ask Kidd to keep carrying a heavy load, but it would sure be nice to get him back to the off the ball, sweet shooting wizard of the year's early going. Hopefully, he's got Prigs carrying his bags and whatnot, and maybe Cope chipping in with the occasional deep tissue massage.

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