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Though they first have to get through tonight's game against Washington, Moke Hamilton over at Sheridan Hoops is already looking ahead to Sunday's showdown with the Heat. Despite the fact the Knicks have already beaten Miami twice this season -- once without Carmelo Anthony in a rout -- the question of whether New York can actually go toe-to-toe with Miami in a seven-game series has permeated the entire season. Hamilton says the answer is clearly no:

That team would be the Heat, and since ‘Melo says I have to wait until Saturday to ask him about the matchup, I’ll ask you: Are the New York Knicks fooling themselves by thinking they can beat LeBron James in a seven-game playoff series?

From where I sit, the answer is yes

Frankly, I'm getting sort of tired of the question. There's this prevailing sense that because the Knicks are quite likely not as good at Miami they should just cancel the rest of the season. It permeates so much of the coverage of the team, the feeling that, sure, this is all nice, but they can't beat Miami so what the hell's the point?

And that may be right, but I also see no reason to concede that at this point. Yes, the Knicks have played like a slightly above .500 team for a while now, something that can't be easily dismissed. But they've also spent an awful lot of that time juggling lineups, reintegrating players and dealing with injuries. So I don't know if this Knicks team will ever finally manage to put it all together, form together in perfect unison like some ten-man Voltron, but I still see a lot of interesting pieces and am not ready to accept the conclusion that this team's best basketball is officially behind them.

Or maybe I'm just fooling myself, Lord knows, it wouldn't be the first time.

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