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There is no doubt that James Dolan is among the worst owners in sports, with his name next to men like David Glass (Kansas City Royals), Dan Snyder (Washington Redskins) and Donald Sterling (Los Angeles Clippers).

The question is, can the Knicks win with James Dolan "in charge"?

Since Dolan's increase in power during the last year of the 20th century, the Knicks have been abysmal. During that time (since 1999), the Knicks have been to the playoffs six times and won a total of three series. They've gone through seven coaches and five general managers in 15 years. They've built up teams and then cast aside players time and time again. But is it fair to place 100 percent of the blame on Dolan?

Just before training camp opened this year, Dolan replaced general manager Glen Grunwald with Steve Mills. It was a puzzling move, to say the least. It raised a few eyebrows and created more questions than answers. Now, with the Knicks flailing in the wind, it seems only fair to say that Dolan has no idea what he's doing and that the Knicks will not win with him making the calls.

Mills seems like more of a puppet than a general manager. Since his hiring, he has been quieter than a mouse. He doesn't answer questions. He doesn't explain moves. He doesn't explain the lack of moves, either. He hasn't once voiced his support of Woodson and most importantly, has made no comment on Carmelo Anthony and his future.

All of that said, Dolan isn't exactly talking up a storm. He's the second-toughest man to extract a quote from and after calling the Knicks a "championship team" before the season started, he's remained out of site.

If Dolan really is the man behind the curtain, can the Knicks find a way to turn their franchise around? Can they put together a plan that gets them into serious playoff basketball year after year?

For me, answering these questions requires a trip to the top of the pyramid. In this case, that pyramid is ruled with an iron fist by a man that has run one of basketballs greatest franchises straight into the ground. James Dolan is the problem with the New York Knicks.

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