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An article in the Boston Globe explores the often shoddy work of athlete charities. Too often, charities set up by athletes are merely ways to funnel high salaries to friends and families, or take advantage of such organizations tax exempt status to go bowling, or something. The Globe runs through a number of such weak efforts, but one athlete they tap as among the best charitable givers is the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, whose foundation gives away a whopping 87% of the money it takes in. The Globe explains what makes his foundation so successful:

Most of the foundation’s money comes from Anthony or his company, Melo Enterprises Inc. The All-Star’s personal generosity ($2.9 million between 2008 and 2010) keeps fund-raising costs down.

This is a noteworthy counterpoint to my admittedly slightly irrational take on Anthony's "likability." What's almost as admirable as the apparent good work Melo's foundation puts in, is how little fanfare he seeks out for it. By all accounts the Carmelo Anthony Foundation puts the Knicks star as one of the most charitable Americans in the country, and that's pretty sweet. Another reason to not make too much hay out of so-called body language, sometimes you just don't read it right.

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