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There were a few things evident after last nights victory over the Pelicans. First, that Iman Shumpert's knee will likely mean today is a much quieter day than we anticipated 24 hours ago. Second, and more importantly, is that Carmelo Anthony is absolutely spectacular.

With 3:45 to go in the fourth quarter, Anthony truly took over the game. At that moment, he was blocked by Anthony Davis on what was a brilliant defensive play by the second-year big man. That blocked shot lit a fire under Anthony. He went on to face Davis one-on-one over the next few minutes, scoring eight of the final 10 points. The two points he didn't score were icing free throws by Raymond Felton.

Anthony went right at Davis, who had played tough all night, and was able to win again and again. His inside stop and pop game was working at an amazing level and he ended with 42 points on 16-of-29. That's right. In a 42 point game, he shot over 55 percent from the field and added three steals and two blocked shots.

That look in Anthony's eyes was great to see. In a season full of blown leads, you could tell that he didn't want to let that one get away. Sure it doesn't do much to improve a team that has just now won it's 21st game of the season but still, it's great to see.

Nights like last night should remind Knicks fans why Anthony needs to remain a Knick after this season. Regardless of what the contract looks like, Anthony still can score against anyone and with the right supporting cast around him, he can win in New York.

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