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Carmelo Anthony can officially sign with an NBA team today.

After Wednesday's story that he is going to re-join the Knicks (or is he?), New York fans are waiting for news. So far, on Thursday morning, nothing new to report.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reported, according to friends of Melo, that Anthony "believes in Phil [Jackson]" and would be re-signing with the Knicks. Other sources, including SNY's Adam Zagoria, heard from sources that things are still up in the air and no final decision has been made.

The other teams who are in the running for Melo -- the Lakers, Bulls, Rockets and Mavericks -- still have not been told of any decision (Popper, July 10).

Remember, the Knicks can offer more money than any other team, a max contract of $129 million over five years.

The Melo sweepstakes continues, but perhaps the Knicks are finally clearly and comfortably the front-runners, and with good reason. New York appears to be the best option for Anthony, if due to nothing else than the fact that his other options may be dwindling.

The Cavaliers are making moves in anticipation of signing LeBron James. The Rockets are chasing Chris Bosh (perhaps convinced they won't sign Anthony). Each respective departure from Miami also counts out the Heat for Anthony's services. The Mavericks have signed Chandler Parsons to a larger than life offer sheet.

What's more, the Bulls may also be preparing to move on from Anthony, as they reportedly explore a sign & trade opportunity for Pau Gasol.  While this may put a wrench in the Knicks' ultimate pipe dream to pair up the Lakers' big man with Anthony, it helps the likelihood of Anthony returning to New York go up.

The Knicks can offer the fame, fortune, and bright lights that Anthony continues to crave as a top notch superstar. Four years ago, James and Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami to create a super power of sorts, also known as the Big Three. This obviously created a ripple effect across the league, enticing stars like Anthony to explore potential avenues that saw themselves teaming up with other superstars as well.

But as James eyes a return to Cleveland, perhaps such a trend is changing. With the Cavaliers, the star would not only be the highest paid player on his team, but he'd also lead a new charge with young up and coming studs following his example.

With Phil Jackson now aiming to mold the Knicks into a contender, Anthony would, of course, be looked upon to lead his squad in similar fashion.


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