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Despite Saturday's 3-for-7(!) in the Knicks' loss to Houston, Tyson Chandler is still shooting 70.8% from the field on the season and on pace to become the first player to shoot over 70% for a season since Wilt Chamberlain made 72.7% of his attempts during the 1972-73 campaign. Jeremy Bauman at Sheridan Hoops flags a nice quote from Rasheed Wallace on part of what has made Tyson so effective offensively this sesaon:

“We’re putting teams in a nice quandary right now. Either you’re gonna leave our lethal shooters open on the 3-point line, covering Tyson the right way and giving up the 3-point shot. If you lean out to our shooters a little bit – which most teams are starting to do that – then Tyson is gonna be wide open for layups and dunks and 3-point plays, so it’s a matter of teams picking their poison.”
Chandler's jump shot is a bit like the mythical unicorn, and though there is some evidence that it exists, it's a species nearly as rare as the once much speculated 'Charles Oakley dribble drive." Nonetheless, Chandler has become one of the best roll men in the league, and he and Raymond Felton have often made sweet music together throughout the year to set up a ton of easy hoops. It's also another area in which Mike Woodson deserves enormous credit for the orchestration of the Knicks' offense, as he continues to utilize his talent really effectively.
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