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According to the Daily News, long-time coaching legend Johnny Bach, a "close confidant" of Patrick Ewing believes the former Knick great will get his shot as a head coach.

“It’s only a matter of time when (Ewing) will get an opportunity to put together a team and play basketball his way. I don’t think he can just say it has to be the Knicks. He might be comfortable here, but management is always going to make the decision.”

I'll admit, I'm unable to talk about Patrick Ewing all that rationally and intelligently. The mere sight of Ewing causes me to reflexively pour myself a glass of wine and softly weep, or turns me into a vengeful, bitter 14-year-old boy still ready to insist that next year is ABSOLUTELY our year.

So there is something heartbreaking about Ewing still waiting around hoping to get a head coaching gig. Which isn't to say the Knicks were in any way obligated to give him his big shot. At this point, if Ewing ever did coach the Knicks, I'm hoping it's after a long, successful tenure from Mike Woodson.

To be honest, even the possibility that Ewing could be the coach someday makes me nervous -- unless he commits to wearing that hat during games, then it's hard to see how he can lose. But I'm not sure I could handle it if Ewing was a failure. I think I've reached my lifetime level of Ewing-inspired heartbreak. With our luck, Patrick will one day coach the team, leading it on a 15-year run of constant contention without ever capturing a championship, forcing me to raise my own children under the same veil of frustration and sadness that marked my youth.

May they be so lucky.

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