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If you had told me in 2004 that the Knicks would be reliant on Kenyon Martin and Jason Kidd my first inclination would be to scoff at the idea that they'd even be in the league.

Kidd has had many a positive moment for the Knicks this year. Some have been unforgettable and some have flown under the radar.

All season long I've felt that Kidd is a positive every second he's on the floor. And when he knocks down stand still jumpers he's downright irreplaceable.

The fact is that defensive-minded teams like the Celtics and the Pacers are terrible match ups for Kidd and that his inability to stretch the floor, make a shot, or even get shots off are all incredible detriments to the team.

Even Kidd would admit that if he's hurting the team, his minutes should be sliced, which Woodson decided to do last night.

Via NY Post

"Kidd’s benching was the more surprising. He’s been woeful offensively, establishing an NBA record by going scoreless in eight straight playoff games (among players who logged at least 15 minutes each game). The streak is at nine straight games, as Kidd missed his only shot — a contested layup in transition. The 40-year-old legend is 0-for-17 in the nine games."

If you've watched Kidd closely all season offensively then you understand his reliance on the shot fake when a defender closes out on him. The Pacers, as were the Celtics, are a very disciplined defense on the perimeter and don't leave their feet on fakes. It's a simple adjustment that Kidd hasn't been able to overcome. It's amazing that when your trigger slows just a fraction more it becomes so difficult to get the shot you want let alone be capable of knocking it down.

Kidd has slumped at the wrong time, and it appears that he'll be limited by Woodson for the rest of the series. It's a move the coach had to make.

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