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Darius Johnson-Odom is an interesting option for the Knicks. My guess is he'll be there for when they pick, but whether or not they want to go in this direction is the question.

As a prospect, he's labeled a combo-guard. Does NY need another one? I'm not so sure. However, he's more trustworthy with the ball than Toney Douglas, he's a disciplined defender, and frankly he's a better option at the point then any reserve on the roster.

DJO is undersized, but all 6'3 of him is brute strength. He's fearless. Consistently focused. Off the dribble he's at full force attacking north/south, capable of absorbing contact and finishing despite it. But where he'd help the Knicks out the most is on the perimeter. Johnson-Odom is a fine shooter, and a polished one at that. In three years at Marquette, DJO shot a combined 221 for 549 from downtown (40%). He's never shot below 36% from three in a season, attempting over 5 threes a game over his collegiate career. That's a pretty large sample size, which reflects consistency and reliability. But what's intriguing about his stroke is that it comes both off the catch and off the bounce. Johnson-Odom can step up and make guards pay for going under screens, which is significant when you consider he'd be handling the ball.

I've covered DJO closely over the past few years, and the one word I think of when describing him is "sturdy". He won't wow you with creativity. But he's a constant. A fixture. You know what you're getting with him- no unpredictability attached, rare to say for a guard. This year he scored at least 15 points in 28 of his 34 games played with only a high of 26. He won't dominate the ball, nor does he need to. Which is what makes him an interesting option at #48 for NY.

Hard not to like this kid. Gritty, proven, underrated athleticism and a consistent threat behind the arc. And you know how I feel about Marquette players recently.

Jonathan Wasserman provides his draft input in great detail for NBAdraftnet. He does a tremendous job and TKB is thankful to have him aboard as we approach the draft next month.

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