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With the NBA's permission, the Knicks are now able to do away with the orange jersey's that they hyped up ad nauseam before the season started. It's time to ditch them for the sake of ditching them and rid the Garden of those ugly uniforms.

Since they were introduced, we've seen the team open the season 5-14, have the best defensive player go down with an injury and deal with uncertainty about the future. It's with all of that that I say: GET RID OF THOSE UNIFORMS!

They were hideous from the start, are hard to look at when watching on television and even more blinding if you happen to pass one on the streets of New York. They need to go, and if for no other reason, just to send a message. You can't come in here, rest on our players shoulders and lead the team to 0-6.

This theory has backfired in the past. After uproar about a green wall in Citi Field, the Mets painted it blue. What did that do? Took them from 77 wins in 2011 to 74 wins in 2012. See... it totally works! It really has nothing to do with Raymond Felton shooting 0 for 6 or Iman Shumpert playing like a superstar one night and a frightened rookie the next. Right? It's all about the orange.

Maybe its time for a good old fashioned jersey burning. If you were fortunate enough to buy one of those horrible orange jersey's, take it outside and dispose of it in whatever fashion you'd like (I don't want to condone burning it, but... yeah). Irrational as it may sound, getting rid of the orange jersey's is a must. Hopefully it can reverse the bad juju currently circulating around Madison Square Garden.

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