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A few months ago, we started a monthly poll to gauge the confidence of Knicks fans as a whole. The graph, which is always displayed on the right side bar, gives us an idea of where things stand and what type of outlook people have. What we learned this month is that a 3-8 start means confidence is very, very low.

OnetTweet that we received suggested that Tyson Chandler's injury was to blame for the confidence being so low. For me, it's all about the chemistry. This team, from the very beginning of the season, just hasn't gelled. The ball movement is non-existent and they are having trouble getting key pieces like Andrea Bargnani involved in the offense.

Against the Pacers was just another example that it's a whole lot of Carmelo Anthony and the occasional J.R. Smith. The rest of the team might as well be ghosts. Bargnani got into foul trouble early but still only attempted one second half shot. If you're scoring at home, he's now taken four total second half shots over the last two games.

Of course, Chandler's injury is a huge issue, but more so is the construction of this team. With aging veterans backing up Chandler, it's no surprise that they are getting beat up and absolutely toasted in the paint. Anthony pulled down 18 rebounds last night, to go along with his 30 points, but the more energy expends rebounding, the less energy he has to hit a game winning shot. It's that simple.

I don't put this on the coach or the players. In the end, they are playing with a team that is half full, devoid of a true center. It was Glen Grunwald and Steve Mills whose job it was to construct this team. They have not fulfilled that responsibility and now we are seeing the consequences of a team built around a single center.

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