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The Bobcats snapped the Knicks 5-game winning streak with a 108-98 win in Charlotte.

[sny-box]The Least You Should Know

Carmelo Anthony was 9-for-22 from the field for 20 points. He only got to the line twice. He also had 6 rebounds and 3 assists.

Amar'e Stoudemire had another effective game off the bench, scoring 17 points in 22 minutes.

Tim Hardaway Jr. also scored 12 points as the first guard off the bench, while JR Smith did not come in off the bench.

For the Bobcats, Al Jefferson dominated with 35 points. Kemba Walker had 25. And Gerald Henderson had 17.[/sny-box]

The Knicks fell apart in the 4th quarter after trimming the deficit to only 4 points.

But the Knicks shouldn't have been cutting away at a Bobcats lead in the first place. It all started with the poor defense in the mid-range area and in the post. The Bobcats took advantage by shooting 52% from inside the arch.

Then with the Knicks offense, there wasn't much success with the pick and roll, evidenced by Raymond Felton's 3 assists before fouling out. And the Knicks have had success lately because Carmelo Anthony has become a passing threat as well as a scoring threat.

Today, he was only 9-for-22 from the field. When Melo shoots poorly like that, he makes up for it by getting to the line, but he only had 2 FTAs tonight. And he had 22 assists during the Knicks 5-game win streak, but he had only 3 tonight.

As for JR Smith not playing tonight, he was very effective for the past two games so I don't understand why Woodson did not play him. This proves that Smith no longer has his coach's trust and needs to earn it back.

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