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This afternoon at MSG, the Knicks got the absolute tar beat out of them by the Celtics by a score of 114-73. Also known as "a lot" to "a little".

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The Knicks scored all of 11 points in the first quarter; the Celtics put up 34. That pretty much sums this one up.

Jordan Crawford torched the Knicks with 23 and 7 dimes, with 6 threes. He has been playing well, but the Knicks made him look like an All-Star. Refusing to play any transition defense will do that.

Melo "led" the way for New York, scoring 19 on an inefficient 15 shots. He did most of his damage from the charity stripe going 8-for-10 from the line.

Tim Hardaway Jr. failed to take advantage of his first start of the season, finishing with 8 points in 25 minutes on 3-of-7 shooting.

The lead ballooned to 35 with just over five minutes left in the third, at which point the white flag came out and the game was over.  James Dolan did not stick around to watch the carnage, leaving his seat just before halftime and choosing not to return.

The Knicks are now 2-8 at home this season.


Well that was heinous.

The Knicks came out...sluggish? Lost? Fully asleep? Completely uninterested? A little of each. A disastrous start, the Knicks did not hit a bucket until 5:40 left in the first quarter -- at which point they were down 18-3. Classic Knicks-at-noon start.

Every single boo was well deserved.

Ray Felton looks bad right now. Not like bad compared to how he has looked before, downright bad-for-a-NBA-point-guard bad. Aside from his ugly line (0-6, 0 points, 2 dimes in 20 minutes), he just has no role right now. Not coincidentally, the Knicks regressed to stagnant, one-on-one offense. The scoreboard reflected how well that was working (hint: not well). Not sure what else Woodson needs to see to sit Ray and start Prig.

Metta gave the team a mini spark off the bench for a few minutes in the second quarter, but the C's continued to make baskets and held on to an 27 halftime lead.

I am not saying it would be the right move, but I would not be shocked if Woodson was fired after this one. I mean, 41 points? At home? To the Celtics? Just really, really bad.

Not sure how this one happened. The team's Jekyll and Hyde season continues, with a whoooole lot more Hyde (he's the bad one, right?).

 Next Game: The Knicks next game comes Tuesday night, as the team travels to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers at 7:00pm.

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