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The Knicks (8-17) defeated the Bucks (5-20) 107-101 in Double OT.

[sny-box]The Least You Should Know

With under 20 seconds to go in OT and the Knicks up by 2, Carmelo Anthony missed an isolation jumper. Tyson Chandler tipped it out to Andrea Bargnani WHO SHOT A THREE POINTER, which signaled this reaction from Clyde:

Carmelo Anthony played a career-high 55 minutes, scored 29 points, had 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. He scored the final 8 points for the Knicks.

After missing 20 games, Tyson Chandler had 9 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Beno Udrih had 21 points and 5 assists in his first start.

JR Smith set a Knicks franchise record by putting up 17 three point attempts. He hit 5 of them and finished with 19 points.

For the Bucks, Brandon Knight scored a career-high 36 points. He also grabbed 9 rebounds, but had 8 turnovers.[/sny-box]

A win is a win, so I'll take it. But understandably, I have far more complaints than encouraging words after this.

First off, if this team has playoff aspirations, they shouldn't be going back-and-forth with the Bucks. Especially a Bucks team without OJ Mayo and Larry Sanders. I'm not saying it should've been a blowout, but going to 2OT is ridiculous.

Secondly, WHAT WAS ANDREA BARGNANI THINKING AT THE END OF THAT FIRST OT? The only answer was that he wasn't thinking. I'm sure you all had crazy reactions. I personally hoped someone on the bench clocked him in the face, but then I calmed down and hoped he would just go back to Italy. It's the same kind of mental mistake that the team committed on Monday in the loss to the Wizards, and when a team is mired in a slump like the Knicks have been in, it's reason to be even more focused to get out of it.

Thirdly, it's another poor performance against a "scoring" point guard. This time against Brandon Knight, who barely qualifies as a "scoring" point guard. Knight has been averaging 12.6 points per game this season, AND THEN HE GOES OFF FOR 36. As Tyson Chandler gets back into rhythm, scoring from opposing point guards should decrease, but Udrih and Murry need to do their job of staying in front of their man.

Lastly, I'm happy JR Smith is back to shooting, but he needs to drive more. 17 3-point attempts is INSANE.

There are a handful of bright spots for the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony scored the last 8 points for the Knicks, showing that he can still be the clutch guy that he hasn't shown so far this season. Tyson Chandler came back and played 36 minutes. He was cramping near the end, but what a performance to come in and give the Knicks a boost like that. And Beno Udrih managed the game well after having little experience with the starting lineup and even threw in 21 points.


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