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The Knicks fell to the Brooklyn Nets this afternoon by a score of 103 to 80.

[sny-box]The Knicks were flat from the very start of this game, getting outscored 27-16 in the first quarter. While they kept it close in each of the next 3 quarters, that first period was just too much to handle.

Pablo Prigioni returned as the Knicks went small in the starting lineup. The Knicks went with Felton, Prigioni, Shumpert, Anthony and Chandler to open the game. That group scored only 20 points, outside of Anthony's 26.

Over and over, the Knicks got burned on their switch defense, leaving Brooklyn shooters open all over the court. Joe Johnson led the Nets in scoring with 25, hitting 4 of his 8 shots from behind the arc.

Raymond Felton was awful this afternoon, shooting 2 for 11 from the field, recording 6 assists and turning the ball over 3 times. His poor play was equaled by Iman Shumpert who shot 2 for 8 and scored only 5 points in 20+ minutes.[/sny-box]

Where do you even begin with a game like this. The Knicks were beat from the very start as they came out sluggish. What the Nets did to the Knicks this afternoon is crush them. The Knicks lost every single part of this game. It has to start with the defense.

From the start, the Nets hit a ton of outside shots as the Knicks did their usual switching on defense, instead of fighting through and over screens. Instead, they watched Joe Johnson score 20 points in the first half, sealing the win early for Brooklyn.

The point guard play was once again atrocious for the Knicks who had just 13 assists all game! The Nets had 25. Raymond Felton, Pablo Prigioni, Beno Udrih and Toure Murry all saw minutes at the point and all were mediocre at their best. After Felton's 6 assists, the next highest total in that category was 2 (Anthony and Prigioni). That is unacceptable.

It was more than just the defense and point guard play. Iman Shumpert scored only 5 points and at time Andrea Bargnai looked like he was sleeping after coming off the bench for only the 2nd time this season. He finished the game 5 points and 2 rebounds. 2 rebounds from a guy who is 7 feet tall?! You must be joking.

The Nets had it all working today. Andre Blatche was draining shots from all over the court, Deron Williams returned with a vengeance and Joe Johnson lit up the Knicks. This is the type of game that gets coaches fired. Losing at home to a crosstown rival in embarrassing fashion is a tough pill to swallow and everyone in Knicks land is searching for answers. At this point, we might be ready to see a very new looking team in 2014-15.

The Knicks play again on Wednesday, taking on the 76ers at 7:30pm

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