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The Knicks lost to the Raptors tonight by a score of 115-100.

[sny-box]The Least You Should Know

The Knicks were a complete disaster in this game. In the 2nd quarter, the Raptors pulled away, opening up a 15-point lead by the 3rd.

Amare Stoudemire led the Knicks in scoring with 23.

The Raptors shot 47% from behind the arc, with Terrence Ross hitting 7 of them. Defending the perimeter was a key weakness in the loss.

J.R. Smith had another ineffective game, scoring 13 points on 5 for 15 from the field. He did convert on 3 of his 7 3-point attempts.[/sny-box]

This was another ugly, ugly game for the Knicks. They got completely outplayed in almost every aspect of the game and were once again completely unable to cover the guards for the Raptors. DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross had 20+ and Kyle Lowry led the way for the Raptors with 32 including 4 for 7 from behind the arc.

If you had to find a bright spot in tonights game it might have been Toure' Murry who came into the game early after Beno Udrih got into foul trouble. He finished the game with 11 points on 5 for 11 and added 6 assists. He brought a level of speed and fire to an offense that's been stagnant the entire season. It will be interesting to see if his minutes continue to increase. He played 27 minutes, 6 more than Udrih.

Iman Shumpert got beat up badly in this game. He was burned time after time off the dribble and on sharp cuts by all three Raptors guards. He was only able to score 6 points in 29 minutes. He has to be more effective if he is to continue to see those type of minutes.

Without Carmelo Anthony, this team that is a relatively bad is even worse. Hopefully he can return sometime next week and the team can try to put things together.

The Knicks will have a long time to get things together. They don't play again until Thursday when they take on the Spurs in San Antonio at 8:30pm.

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