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I was contemplating this the other night. How much has Tyson Chandler's injury impacted the struggling Knicks? More to the point, how many games would they have won if he was 100% healthy? This is the ultimate what if game but it's worth pondering.

The Knicks currently sit at 3-10 and Chandler has been out since the fourth game of the season (he was injured in the 3rd game). Over those first three games, the Knicks did not record a win but it was clear that Chandler was one of the best players on the court during his minutes. He will never have the impact on a game that Carmelo Anthony can have but he's a very close 2nd.

Could his presence in the middle have pushed the Knicks to a win against the Houston Rockets? Would he have been able to level off the 51-33 rebound deficit that plagued them in the Spurs game? The answer is that they wouldn't have won all of the games, but I think we can agree he would have made a difference. If Chandler was healthy, I'm putting the Knicks at 6-7 and while that's not a sparkling record, it's certainly better than where things stand today.

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