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Before we get into what I thought was a really exciting first step for "The Rook", take a look at his highlights via TheKnicksWall.

Obviously, knocking down two corner threes makes me incredibly happy and what Shumpert did bring to the mix was an aggressiveness to the basket that was great to see. What I've always loved about him is his unwavering confidence, something that can be both a hinderance and absolute springboard to stardom.

People think I'm hard on Shumpert, but if you've ever seen Knicks practices take a look at how Woodson hammers him in trying to drill details and keep him focused. Good coaches are good like that in developing talent and that's always been my point. You can't assume a player will hit their ceiling. You can't expect that to happen because it often doesn't.

Today was about slowly introducing an explosive and talented young player into the mix and, to me, it couldn't have gone any better. He was patient, did well in transition reads and got open looks at the SG position. He didn't seem limited other than by his coach in terms of minutes.

I was very leery about coming back off that knee, but that's clearly changed. I'm very optimistic that Shumpert can be the missing piece to take this team on a championship ride.

But as we always say here... one step at a time.

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