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The Knicks got plenty of wins early in the year based off of great offense and over the past few months their offense has sputtered to the point where they are no longer covering the mistakes of overall poor defense.

That has to stop tonight as an other divisional rival comes to the Garden looking to eat into the Knicks Atlantic Division lead, which is now just one game over Brooklyn.

But this isn't about the opponent. This is the Knicks desperate need to prove to themselves that they can navigate through choppy waters. I don't get sucked in to the opponent's record, the NBA is about match ups on a given night. Do the Knicks need to make adjustments on Jrue Holiday? Absolutely. My suggestion would be pressuring the outlet pass on missed shots and forcing another Sixer to get them into their offense. I'd like to see attempts at disrupting flow and rhythm.

That responsibility rests on the shoulders of Mike Woodson.

Woodson was outstanding earlier in the year in pushing buttons and getting guys into situations. He's been the exact opposite the last month and a half and it's been maddening.

But this game is the reason why the Melo trade was made and it's a game where Carmelo needs to impose his will. If he wants to absorb the role of leader, he needs to lead and make sure the Knicks come away with a victory. Weeks back when the Timberwolves were at MSG the Knicks were struggling and Melo took over and won the game. Matter of fact he did it again when the Knicks were in Minnesota just before the break.  He ripped down rebounds and scored big baskets. Following the game at MSG he said in his post game interview that the team would have been really upset if they looked back at the schedule and saw an "L" next to that game.

That mindset needs to show up tonight from the Knicks' superstar.

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