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"The first part of Hopla's lessons is an easy-to-remember acronym called "BEEF," which stands for "Balance Elbow Eyes Follow." He's already been helping Iman Shumpert with his technique, having him focus less on jumping high. Felton has also benefited from his technical pointers. 

"He's been great," Felton said. "He stays in everybody's ear. Shooting is mechanics. It's not necessarily about just shooting, shooting, shooting. You've got to have good mechanics. He's been in our ear off and on all the time, 'Keep your left hand up, hold your follow through.' Just little things that you may not think help, but they really do." 

The second phase is Hopla's emphasis on repetition, in order to get a player to develop muscle memory where shooting becomes second nature. That's what makes Steve Novak so good, andRonnie Brewer is trying to fine-tune that. 

"He allows you to get your rhythm, your confidence back in your shot," said Brewer, who tied his career-high for most 3s in a game (three) Monday night. "And, to me, basketball's all about confidence and rhythm, and whenever you get your rhythm and get your confidence, the sky's the limit. So he's been helping me with that and I'm continuing to get better."


Imagine if he could make Iman Shumpert into a reliable shooter from the perimeter?

What drives me nuts most about people who talk about statistics and "true shooting" is that actual, literal, true shooting is making a real leather basketball go in a real metal hoop in an actual NBA game. You can't TEACH or IMPROVE those numbers without mechanics. And you can't learn mechanics without someone, a real live actual person, to communicate these skills to actual human athletes. It's what I like to call  "coaching" or "teaching."

Not blogging, or content creation.

I can shoot and I can teach shooting. I learned simple, basic techniques while attending 5-Star basketball camp in high school and I was slumping. I was a pass first player who struggled to score and struggled to force defenses to respect my jump shot. Then I witnessed a clinic from Hal Wissel and it changed my mentality and thought process.  Very similar to the first 3 minutes of the video above. It's tremendously effective when repeated daily.

Hopla is having an impact without question and it's great to see the message translate into results. These results then impact numbers, not the other way around. I wish more people who blogged understood this for the sake of readers. Results and knowing how you came to a calculation is great, but how do you teach and improve skills into better results is far more relevant.


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