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"The reality of the situation is for the Knicks to continue to have sustained success, Woodson needs to be able to figure out ways for Amar’e to play with Chandler, Amar’e to play with Melo and Amar’e to play with Chandler and Melo at the same time.

With each of these three players’ skill-sets, despite all the evidence that shows the opposite from last year, if employed correctly, I do think it can work."

The Knicks Wall

Gibby hits the nail on the head here. Woodson must be able to find a way to have the Knicks FINISH THE GAME with their big 3 in the front of the lineup. If you look at PFs who have thrived with Melo I think of Kenyon Martin, who got many of his baskets off put backs and offensive rebounds in addition to spot ups. I'm not saying Amar'e should be Kenyon Martin, I'm saying it won't hurt him to try and attack the offensive glass for put backs. He could get 2 or 3 buckets just doing that per game.

In the end I agree I think Amar'e can fit but the bottom line is that he needs to prove he can play winning basketball with Chandler and Melo on the floor at the same time.

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