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I'm pretty confident that Iman Shumpert wouldn't be a Knick today if he hadn't gotten hurt the other night.

He was all but out the door in a trade to the Clippers and a sprained MCL gave the two teams enough reason to stop their discussions. You can say that the injury kept Shumpert in New York, and for that reason, it helps the Knicks long term.

Shumpert is having a horrible season in New York. He's been a bad offensive player and it's effected his defense and his mental state on and off the court. He's been benched. He's been rumored in trades. He's a complete mess.

But the truth is, we've seen potential in Shumpert before and I believe that in the right system, with a coach that can motivate him, he has the potential to be a much better player than he's been in 2013-14.

In trading, you want to sell high and buy low. Trading Shumpert right now would be trading him at his absolute lowest point. He's not only injured but scoring just 6.9 points per game. He's been highly ineffective and seems in need of a change. I'm hoping that change comes in the form of a new coach after the season. Shumpert has too much potential to trade for a backup point guard like Darren Collison, and I for one am happy he's still a Knick.

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