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The Knicks announced that among the players working out tomorrow will be Ricky Ledo, a combo guard/wing who committed to Providence College but was ruled academically ineligible for this season. His 15 1/2 credits fell just short of the NCAA minimum of 16 despite a 3.1 GPA first semester. I spoke with a person familiar with Ledo and here are some thoughts and notes I gathered.

It sounds as if the team most interested is the Cavaliers who seem to be targeting him at 31 overall. The Spurs are also said to be very interested at 28 as are the Celtics and Thunder.

The Knicks have scouted Ledo several times but the issue with Ledo, I'm told, is that he has focus issues and would be best suited for a team with the patience to develop him over the next few years, and it would appear the Knicks don't. I believe they need a ready rotation player and it would seem as if Ledo is not quite there yet.

"If Ledo dressed for Providence this year they'd have won at least 6 maybe 7 more games and 4 more in conference. That's how much of an impact the kid has. He's a tremendous s scorer and get fill it up in a hurry. He can play 3 positions and people have him pegged as a pure 2, but he can pass. I can see him being able to handle 1-3 responsibilities right away. He can guard the one and two at the next level and as he fills out he'll do okay in guarding SFs... He's fearless and can score in every way. Off screens, pick and roll, shot fake to the rim, shot fake and pull. He's a born scorer for sure."
Players like Ledo, and guys like Norvel Pelle are hard to gauge because of past mistakes but their talents are special. I'm interested in hearing how his workout is tomorrow considering that he's one of the best shooters in the entire draft.

The Knicks could use another perimeter scorer but is 24 too soon for Ledo knowing his focus issues? Good question. One thing is for sure, the kid is definitely one of the purest scorers in the entire draft.

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