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How good was that performance? I have to admit, like many people who've seen a million Knicks games I've seen a lot of young players entering games with top billing. Many have had great performances. I remember Jordan's first game. I remember the Shaq/Ewing matchup and who can forget Lebron's early Cleveland years.

Including the aforementioned, I can't think of a more impressive performance than the show Kyrie Irving put on last night. It was an absolute thing of beauty and forced the Knicks to raise their level in order to pull out another home victory. That was a performance that I kept thinking as the Cavs kept hanging around would be an instant classic should the Cavs pull it out. And there was that feeling the the Knicks could run out of gas as the young phenom carried his team to victory.

The best part of that game is that Irving's performance raised the level of Ray Felton. You could just see that Felton wasn't going to allow his team to lose. I LOVE that. He buried a huge 3 and scored 9 points down the stretch. Great performances bring out the best in great teams and builds up the resume of players trying to reach high points in their careers.

And that's exactly what happened last night. Kyrie Irving made Ray Felton play at his absolute best in order to come away with a victory.

Really fun to watch.

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