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I've gotten a ton of feedback from fans over the past few days about "blowing up" the Knicks: Trading everyone that you can trade and starting from scratch. The trouble with this is blowing it up includes trading Carmelo Anthony. Looking around the league I don't see a player that can replace him.

We can all say that Anthony "isn't a winner" and that he'll "never get it done against LeBron." Well, I have news for you. Almost no one can get it done against LeBron James and that's not a slant against Anthony. In the superstar-driven league that is the NBA, Anthony can win, but he needs help. Just like James has in Miami. Just like Kobe Bryant had in his back to back titles in '09 and '10. Just like Dirk Nowitzki had in '11.

The term "superstar-driven league" needs to be abolished. Teams need a superstar but they also need five to seven guys around them in order to win a championship. Right now, they Knicks have two or three key pieces. They are missing the other two to five. They need the Ray Allens and the Danny Greens, the Pau Gasols and the Shane Battiers. Without these guys, James, Bryant and Duncan would be much, much farther from winning the NBA title every year.

So, do you really want to blow it up? Start a search for a superstar all over again? Does Kevin Love surrounded by the Knicks current roster win a title? Does Paul George? Does LeBron James?

None of these guys would win in New York because the superstar isn't the problem. Finding the superstar is the most difficult part of the equation and the Knicks have that solved. Check.

Now, it's time to rebuild around Anthony, instead of without him.

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