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If you're like me, the Knicks' apparent celebration of three-pointers in which three fingers are pointed at their heads to signify the three points that were just scored has barely registered. It's not even something I've really noticed was happening. But perhaps I should have, because what about the children? What about society?

In this morning's Daily News, Mitch Lawrence suggests we all should ask some hard questions about the thing we didn't even realize was a thing:

The Knicks made a ton of threes on Friday in their previous win at home, over Washington. That night it seemed that everyone did the three-to-the-head signal. That’s when the talk of it being a gun thing got hot. Then on Saturday, Belcher ended his girlfriend’s life, and shortly thereafter his own life in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot, bringing the whole issue of guns and athletes back to the fore.

By the time the Knicks had posted their latest win, Wallace was long gone, having been ejected in the first quarter after picking up two technicals. So he wasn’t around to explain his sign.

Even if it’s not about guns, he might want to come up with an alternative.

Obviously, you can draw a pretty straight line from the Knicks' seemingly innocuous celebration of three-pointers to this weekend's tragedy in Kansas City. I mean, they are practically the same thing!

Look, this is mostly my fault for even allowing this to bother me, but is a 12-4 team so uninteresting to cover that we have to bend ourselves in this much of a pretzel to try and gin up some controversy? Isn't there some other angle we can discuss, like what Mike Woodson's choice of goatee says about the war on drugs?

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