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The Knicks won just 46 percent of their games when the two were in the starting lineup. Though it was a small sample size (six games), the Knicks won at a 66% clip when both stars were out of the lineup.

How is that possible? You'd think that with two of your top players healthy, you'd at least be above .500.

Some scouts, though, note that Stoudemire and Anthony struggle together because they both like to operate between the mid post and the elbow extended.

Woodson doesn't see that as a problem.

"I don't agree with that," the coach said. "I think both of those guys are basketball players, they both know how to play. And it's going to be up to everybody that's a part of our crew to figure it out, me being the leader of that. And we will figure it out as we go along."

Ian Begley

Ryan Wallace and I have really studied this during the off season and I believe Ryan's take that Amar'e needs to become less of a volume shooter. He's obviously very used to Mike D'Antoni's system, but he can absolutely can be an all-around offensive player and that is a huge key. He needs touches but also needs to understand that quick shots in the shot clock are not conducive to this roster or offensive scheme. Carmelo is saying the right things, but, to me, it's Amar'e's offensive game that must speak for itself if the pairing is going to work.

They've proved they can play separately, and Amar'e has proven he can play pick and roll and isolate the game's best defenders and win the battle. But he must defer more to his teammates when playing with the first and final units.  

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