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Over at the CBS New York website, writer Jason Keidel seems to be a little fed up with Carmelo Anthony.

The masses seem to be slowly but finally getting religion on Carmelo Anthony, who looks like George Gervin one night and Harold Miner the next. Yet we still hear the shrinking chorus chanting “MVP!” for a man who hasn’t shot close to 50 percent in the playoffs, not even over one game.

Wow, a Harold Miner reference. The former Miami Heat player that was in the dunk contest back in the mid 90's and was called "Baby Jordan".

But it gets better folks and you read down the article and come across some other notes of contention from Mr. Keidel about Melo.

It didn’t take Kobe Bryant 10 years. It didn’t take James 10 years. It didn’t take Tim Duncan a decade. Even Kevin Durant, with whom Anthony is most often compared, got his team to the NBA Finals last year. None of this would be proper if Melo and his fawning masses didn’t so rabidly remind us that he’s one of the five-best players on Earth. Eventually, you must prove it.

While I proudly hang my Ph.D in player hating on the Knicks above my bed, I don’t think they will fall short against Indiana. Despite my contempt for Melo, teams need a bona fide scorer at the end of big games. And Anthony is that, despite his colossal shortcomings across the rest of his game.

But the unnecessarily arduous Celtics series and Sunday’s flatline in front of their fans shows that the Knicks will lose eventually. And that’s because they are led by a loser.

Now I want to know where exactly do you get a Ph.D in player hating. Do you have to take night classes? How much would a frame cost to hang it up?

I feel like that line was stolen from a Tommy Davidson/Bill Bellamy movie from the mid 90's.

But I digress, lets get down to the real focus of this post, which is that Melo is a loser.

Well he certainly has not shot the ball well in this postseason and his career in the playoffs has been not exactly top notch.

In case you live under a rock, you might not know this but, Melo has only advanced past the first round twice in his career. With this year, after the Knicks beat the Celtics in six games, being the second time.

The one part that I enjoyed the most was the fact that as you read above, he does not have the stones to say that this loser, aka Melo, will not advance past the Pacers.

It is almost like a big budget movie coming to a close with a thud. If you are going to write an entire article bashing the Knicks best player, at least finish strong.

He does at least try at the end by wrapping up the article in a nice little bow at the end by calling Melo a loser. Which is similar to when you watch a James Bond movie and they drop in the name of the movie to hammer home the point of why they called it what they did.

But, by now he has lost his point because he contradicts himself. He tries very hard to appease the people who he knows in the comments are going to bash him by saying that the Knicks need Melo because he is a scorer.

Which of course considering the tone and title of the article makes no sense. The reason being that why would the Knicks fall short because he is loser in the next round but advance in this round because they need him.

I mean if Melo is such a loser and the Knicks are going to lose because of it, how on Earth would they be able to survive the Pacers let alone the Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls.

If you, Jason Keidel, don't like the way Melo plays the game or how he has performed in this postseason that's fine. You hate the Knicks and Melo, as you so proudly put it, and so you just wrote the article for the shock value and comments.

So I take what you have to say with a grain of salt as will all Knicks fans. Because once you contradicted yourself at the end, this article was nothing but garbage.

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