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Alan Hahn passes this gem from Jason Kidd along, as Kidd reminds the Knicks not to get too carried away.

"They're still the champs. We haven't done anything ... It does feel good, but we can't be satisfied. We've got to stay hungry. We can't fall into the trap because we really haven't accomplished anything yet."
The idea of Kidd's veteran leadership sort of turned into a punchline when his car turned up on the wrong end of a telephone pole over the summer, but adding an attitude like this one to the team was exactly what the Knicks' brass had in mind.

Kidd is exactly right, as giddy as the rest of us are allowed to be, the Knicks really aren't. The "we haven't accomplished anything" thing would make for a pretty great mantra for this club to take, because it has the added bonus of being absolutely true. Complacency is not really an option for a franchise this starved for success.

Of course, these same rules don't really apply to the rest of us. We're free to go as bananas as we like. We can break out the Ray Felton underwear, name all our kids Carmelo, or throw a first-place parade in the backyard where everyone's invited.

You know, the Knicks just probably shouldn't.

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