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While I was freezing myself half to death watching The Mets implode against the Marlins, the Knicks were hotter than the Sun against the Bucks in the third quarter on their way to an 11th straight victory.

After watching the replay of the game last night, it is amazing how this team the past three games have turned it on in the second half.

Much like in the Heat game, they played a poor first half and trailed by nearly double digits. Then the light switch, it seems, gets turned on and the Knicks hammered the Heat and the Bucks in the second half.

Now this is a dangerous way to play the game because there will be a night where the switch doesn't work. There could be a time in the playoffs where a bad first half can't be overcome.

Right now it is very hard to not just wax poetic about what the Knicks are doing right now. It is as impressive as it gets. Although, I think that there is nothing wrong with some cautious optimism because what we have seen in just second halves would be nice over the whole game.

Thanks to the out of this world playing of Melo, stingy defense and the contributions from J.R. and others, we have been witnesses to the perfect recipe for the 3rd longest winning streak in franchise history.

The Magic Number is now Two for the Knicks to clinch Atlantic Division, their lead over Indiana for 2nd place in the East is now 1 1/2 games and the next game will be a great test for them on the road against the Thunder.

To be perfectly honest, I'm ready for the playoffs to begin. The regular season as we get closer to the end seems to be dragging to the finish line.

Of course we know that the Knicks are doing anything but dragging to the end of the regular season. This winning streak has been great ever since it started with Kurt Thomas leading the way to win #1 in Utah on a broken foot.

We can only hope what we saw last night and over the past 11 games for the most part will carry over into the playoffs.

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