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Jonathan Fishner over at Goathamist runs down his midseason awards and remarked on how the Knicks have missed both Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby, who have both missed significant time with injuries and whose returns are still very much up in the air:

The Sounds About Right Award: Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby, whose bum legs and feet have kept them out since mid-December and mid-January, respectively. Wallace and Camby are important defensive pieces for the Knicks and before he was injured Wallace showed he remembered how to score in the low post too. While it isn't surprising either 38 year-old who is about eight inches taller than humans are designed to be is injured, that both of them have missed so much time with what seemed like minor injuries has been a disappointment. Wallace, working his way back from a stress fracture in his foot, is expected to return to practice after the All Star break. Camby's return is still up in the air. Still, it may all be worth it for the "ball don't lie" incident.

It's sort of interesting how coming into the season it was Camby whose impact was definitely expected to be bigger, then the season started and Rasheed Wallace had a hugely important role, one that the team is still missing. Really it would be nice to get either one back in the mix at some point, as they could certainly use some extra interior defense, but it's Wallace to me that would be the bigger addition. Rasheed can still hold his own on the low block, has shown an ability to actually have the offense run through him on the second unit on occasion and can still hit the outside shot, though perhaps not quite as well as he thinks he can. Nonetheless, it'd be nice to see one of these old pros back in the mix, but it still seems very much up in the air whether that's actually going to happen.

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