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File this under "for what it's worth," but our good friend Alex Kennedy over at Hoops World reported that the Knicks have looked into the idea of a Amar'e Stoudemire/Iman Shumpert trade for Atlanta's Josh Smith:

One player that they’d like to pry loose is Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks, according to a league source. While it’s admittedly unlikely, it’s a rumor that has floated around in recent days.

It’s a deal that makes sense for New York. A trade of Stoudemire and Shumpert for Smith and a filler such as Zaza Pachulia, for example, would work under the cap. The Knicks get a big-time player and suddenly, they have the talent to contend for a championship this year (and for years to come if they can re-sign Smith this summer).

Well, this surely isn't one I was expecting. Obviously, the deal makes a good amount of sense for the Knicks, though it would be painful to part with those two particular players, largely for my own sentimental reasons, but adding a defensive presence like Smith would be pretty enticing, and he could still give you a good portion of what you're getting offensively from STAT, all those "Oh Jesus, what are you doing?" three-pointers notwithstanding. Having to hand out the type of deal it would take to keep Smith makes me a little queasy, but I guess you'd just be trading one overpaid player for another.

That all being said, one has to imagine this as an extremely unlikely scenario, since the deal makes close to no sense for Atlanta, as you'd be hard pressed to come up with reasons for why they'd be interested in Stoudemire's hefty salary.

Anyway, rumors can be fun, but worth noting that trade rumors have among the lowest conversion rates of actually being true in among the larger family of rumors, while celebrity divorce rumors seem to be among the most ironclad, albeit usually coming about six months after the initial whispers and about two months after a "Renewal of the Vows" spread in People Magazine.

The takeaway really seems to be that the Knicks are listening and investigating things, as they should, but whether they actually pull the trigger on anything really remains to be seen.

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