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So I made my annual voyage to Portsmouth, Virginia for the PIT. All of the Knicks executives were there keeping a close eye on potential draft picks. In my opinion, the Knicks need some depth up front as well as in the backcourt, but the bottom line is that the Knicks will take the best player available when they draft which will be somewhere in the mid 20s.

They also have show the propensity over the past few years to dip into their wallets and purchase second round picks and there were some players at the PIT this week that would be really solid choices. I absolutely loved Tyler Brown from Illinois State. This kid is a pure scorer and athlete. He could shoot off the bounce and in catch and shoot situations and defended both positions pretty well. He's not a great defensive player, but I believe he can be taught. The Knicks have an interesting situation in front of them post season with JR Smith, and they will need polished scoring in the backcourt should he sign elsewhere.

Ramon Galloway and Khalif Wyatt, two players who shined down the stretch in March, also played very well. Wyatt, to me, proved that he has some serious PG skills and has the ability to control a team. With an aging Jason Kidd, Wyatt could fit a need should Kidd decide to not finish out his contract.

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The Knicks need depth up front as well at the 5 and frankly there weren't any NBA ready centers there in my opinion. The Knicks scouting department has been pretty tight-lipped recently so it's hard to get a read on what their draft decisions will be moving forward but as usual we will be on top of the process as the draft approaches. One tidbit I can tell you that I've heard is that they are really big fans of Syracuse's Michael Carter-Williams, who should be gone well in advance of when they pick. But they have him atop their big board. They also, I'm told, like another Syracuse player, James Southerland, and his ability to stretch the floor with range at 6'8. Southerland passed on competing at Portsmouth but will be in at the next camp in Chicago.

Whatever they decide to do, TKB will be your home of all draft information. But let's worry about that post playoffs.

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